Feb 14

NHMOC Members Sign Leases

Last September the NHMOC arranged lease signings for our members in the TCCD South and The Leaf Units to be drilled from the well at Harwood and Blvd 26 on the TCC south campus. About 100 members signed leases at that time.

Shortly after the signings, Chesapeake went though a Corporate reorganization and closed the Fort Worth Office. We have reopened the lines of communication through their Headquarters in Oklahoma City and have established a working relationship.

The attached maps show an area outlined in black. Our members within that outline are eligible or have already signed our lease document with Chesapeake which includes $2,500 per acre signing bonus, 25% expense free royalty, and their property measured to the center of the street.

If you have property within the outlined boundary in the maps and have not signed a lease, we can help you complete that process. If you have signed our lease with Chesapeake and not received your bonus check please let us know and we can help resolve the issue. If your property lies outside the boundaries marked on the map, your property is not eligible for lease at this time. We are working on it…please be patient.

We can be reached at 817-284-4387, or info@nhmoc.com.

While this information only applies to a small portion of our membership, it is the beginning of a relationship that we hope will lead to future lease signing meetings for our members.

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