May 29

New Gas Well at the Old Mall

It appears that The Caffey Group, a Tarrant County based oil and gas company, has reached an agreement with the owners of the old North Hills Mall property for a gas drillsite to be located behind the United Methodist Church on Glenview Drive. Further, on May 15th, The Caffey Group petitioned the City Planning and Development Department for a Special Use Permit to drill up to 16 wells from that site. The request was approved by P&D Dept., and now will go to the City Council at their meeting scheduled for June 9th at 7:00 pm.

Assuming the drillsite gets approved by the City, we fully expect The Caffey Group will more actively pursue mineral rights leases within their final proposed units. The units are roughly outlined by Glenview Drive on the south, Rufe Snow on the west, Harwood on the north side, and 820 north to Bedford-Euless Road then north on Strummer.

This is very good news, in that this area is the heart of the NHMOC membership. We have over 1400 members in this area, including The Methodist Church, Catholic Church, and Ashwood Assisted Living on Glenview to name a few larger properties. On the Blvd 26 side of the Mall, we have the CVS store, Tropical Greenery, Cool Air, Golden Corral, Hooters, Allen Samuels car dealerships, Budget Inn, and many more commercial properties that surround the old Mall. Other major properties in the area include Huggins Honda, Academy Sports & Outdoors, Putt Putt and Conn’s Electronics.

We have met with The Caffey Group and also participated with them on a Conference Call with the North Hills Hospital main office in Nashville. Although The Caffey Group is awaiting word on their proposed drillsite and Special Use Permit, we anticipate that negotiations will commence shortly for a unified group lease form with favorable terms and protections.

Accordingly, it is important that we stay connected as a group, as there is power in numbers and unity, which benefits all involved on both sides of the lease. Please share this information with your neighbors who may not be receiving email. Of course, we will plan to attend the City Council Meeting on June 9th and will keep you informed as things unfold.

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