Apr 29

Drilling Activity Update for Spring 2013

The North Hills Mineral Owners Coalition is alive and well and working in your best interest. While activity has been slow due to the low price of natural gas, we are starting to see some signs of activity. According to the City of North Richland Hills, they expect eight new wells to be drilled this year on pad sites within the city. Three of those will come from the TCC pad site at Harwood and Blvd 26, and three from the Church of Christ pad site at Loop 820 and Rufe Snow.

The attachment TCCD South shows the unit to be drilled from the TCC south pad site at Harwood/Blvd 26. The area in Blue is Hometown, where we have a strong membership, the rest of the area in the unit outlined in yellow is already under lease. The apartment complex and the Walker creek park were leased almost three years ago. Chesapeake needs the Hometown land owners in order to close out that unit. Many folks there have received a letter from Chesapeake saying they have 30 days to respond to their offer. According to the City, Chesapeake hasn’t requested a permit for those wells yet and expects that to happen this fall. The fact that our meeting is after the 30 day offer indicates that timing is not truly an issue.

We have been in contact with Chesapeake regarding Hometown, and have a meeting scheduled with them on May 1st along with our Attorney. Our attorney believes the 25% royalty with “no gathering deductions” expenses deducted from your royalty payments is doable, as he has negotiated several leases with Chesapeake that offered that protection. He also believes we can do better than the bonus dollars they are offering in the letter sent to the Hometown folks. If you live in Hometown and haven’t joined us you can do that on our website www.NHMOC.com. Membership costs you nothing, and you are not obligated to accept the terms we negotiate.

The Church of Christ pad site will not be constructed until fall due to the Highway construction. The Chesapeake website shows maps of three proposed units from Loop 820 south to Blvd 26. We have a lot of members in that area and will work to support them as the pad site is constructed. The link below will open the Chesapeake web site showing those proposed units.


Please share this information with your neighbors, and tell them they can join us online at www.NHMOC.com.

Stay tuned we will have another update after our May 1st meeting.

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