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Aug 17

Summer 2017 Update on Gas Leasing for NHMOC

Back in 2014 we held meetings with the Caffey group to try and arrange a deal for our members on a gas lease. We supported The Caffey Group in the City Hall meeting where they applied for a pad site permit at the old North Hills Mall. The permit was approved for five years, which …

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Dec 22

Update On Recent Developments

Last July, the City Council awarded the Caffey Group, with our support, a padsite permit at the old North Hills Mall. During the next few months, there was little contact between us and the Caffey Group, as Caffey was further formulating their plans. Even the City of North Richland Hills that approved and regulates the …

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May 29

New Gas Well at the Old Mall

It appears that The Caffey Group, a Tarrant County based oil and gas company, has reached an agreement with the owners of the old North Hills Mall property for a gas drillsite to be located behind the United Methodist Church on Glenview Drive. Further, on May 15th, The Caffey Group petitioned the City Planning and …

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Aug 31

The North Hills Mineral Owners Coalition and Chesapeake have a deal!

We have signed an agreement with Chesapeake Energy, LLC to represent our members in two units to be drilled from the TCC padsite at Harwood and Blvd 26 in North Richland Hills, Texas. One unit includes most of “Home Town”, and the other stretches south from Harwood toward the North East Mall. The TCCD South …

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May 11

Bond Passage Could Encourage Gas Development

Just a quick note to let you know that the North Hills Mineral Owners Coalition supports the passage of the bond issue in Saturday’s election as it will open the door for the development of the old North Hills Mall property which could then include a gas well. So remember to vote on Saturday, May …

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Oct 05

NHMOC Update for October 5, 2011

NHMOC Updated Footprint Map

The gas collection pipelines we talked about in June are now complete and Chesapeake is collecting gas from 5 of the 6 well pad sites in our area. Four of these pad sites are within our footprint. This has been confirmed by the City of North Richland Hills. Chesapeake has surface leases for pad sites at the …

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Mar 31

Spring Brings Lots Of New Drilling Activity

To All: The NHMOC is alive and well, and working in your best interest. I have been receiving calls daily from both members and people who have seen our signs but have not joined us yet. They are getting cards from lessees such as the Caffey Group and Snow Operating, offering to lease their mineral …

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Dec 15

Misleading Postcards: Here’s The Straight Skinny

Once again we are receiving phone calls and emails about the new postcards many of you have received from The Caffey Group concerning the “neighborhood meetings” they have scheduled over the next few days. The way the postcards are worded, it almost sounds like the meetings are in conjunction with or supported by the NHMOC. …

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Apr 03

An Offer to Sell Your Mineral Rights? . . . Be Very Careful

We’ve just started receiving emails from some of our coalition members letting us know that they are receiving offers to PURCHASE their mineral rights. Please understand, this is NOT the same thing as LEASING your minerals. If you SELL your mineral rights, you sell all your rights to future royalties when a well is drilled …

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Mar 26

Barnett Shale Still a Major Stimulus

After a few quiet months due to the economy, things are looking up for our coalition: Natural gas futures rose 29% last week. Recently Vantage Energy has expressed strong interest in our coalition and we have begun initial talks with them. Chesapeake has filed for a permit to drill a well at Harwood and Blvd …

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