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Information on this site is provided by property owners in your area who have volunteered to help organize fellow property owners in preparation for group mineral lease negotiations. In no case should the information in this site or in any other communication be construed as legal or professional advice. Although options may be presented along with opinions and potential benefits of certain choices, each property owner should conduct his or her own research and seek the advice of legal, financial or mortgage professionals before accepting or rejecting any lease offer.

The North Hills Mineral Owners Coalition (“Coalition”) shall be held harmless while working on behalf of registered property/mineral owners to negotiate agreements with one or more energy companies and/or their agents regarding terms for mineral leases. It is the intent of the Coalition to negotiate the best agreement possible and present such proposals to its registered members for consideration. The Coalition does not recognize or assume any fiduciary responsibility or relationship to any mineral owner or entity, now or in the future.

The Coalition will work without personal compensation to Coalition leaders and volunteers, but will seek reimbursement of expenses incurred in the operation of the Coalition (including attorney costs) as part of the terms of a negotiated agreement.

The purpose of this website is to post information that may come to the attention of the Coalition that is deemed to be of possible interest to its members. The Coalition assumes no liability whatsoever for the accuracy, completeness, obsolescence or omission of any information on this website at any time. The Coalition will be held harmless for any actions, lost opportunities or any other losses based on information posted or omitted on this website. Each mineral owner is responsible for verifying the accuracy and completeness of any information published on this website before making any decisions regarding a lease.

Any direct communication between the Coalition leadership team and members via email, postal mail, telephone, RSS feeds, etc., are provided merely as a courtesy by Coalition leadership and are not to be interpreted as a responsibility or covenant on the part of the leadership team.

Registration with the Coalition does not obligate you in any way to sign a lease that has been negotiated by the Coalition. You are free to negotiate your own lease agreement with any entity seeking to drill natural gas wells in the area. However, our research indicates that negotiating as a group can be very beneficial to all parties involved. Your registration indicates your interest in such group lease negotiations. Likewise, you are free to terminate your membership at any time. Be it known, however, that if you choose to negotiate and sign a mineral lease on your own, you may be subject to certain risks arising from such individual endeavor and that any and all costs incurred in conjunction with or resulting from such individual endeavor shall be the sole responsibility of the individual mineral owner.

The location of proposed well-sites is often a closely-held secret among energy companies. The Coalition is not responsible for identifying and disclosing the location of prospective well sites. Some proposed well-sites may be closer to certain homes and/or businesses than the setback limits specified in the mineral lease or in city ordinances. In such cases, the energy company may request selected mineral owners to agree to a setback waiver, effectively giving the energy company permission to operate a drill-site near their property in exchange for some amount of additional compensation. The impact of the drill-site locations on properties in close proximity to the site and execution of setback waivers are private matters between the affected property/mineral owners and the energy company, and the Coalition will not represent affected property/mineral owners in setback negotiations or disputes.

Portions of this Disclaimer used by permission of 360 Northwest Coalition

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